Lash and Go – 2 Step Guide on How to Put on Eyelashes

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You are probable thinking Pfff yeah right.. putting lashes, if I only had that much time to fight with lashes and glue. Well, actually you can wear lashes everyday without the hazel with this 2 step guide on how to put on eyelashes or falsies.

Lash and Go

Lashes are my everyday holy grail because it creates a youthful and more awaken effect. If you have small hooded eyes like me, it makes a big different. On bigger eyes, it makes them pop.

I started wearing false eyelashes recently. I used to wear eyelash extensions for over a year and I absolutely loved how I looked with them on. No matter if I had makeup on, I always looked ready. When COVID19 started and we had the shut-down, I had to removed them and I just never looked the same until I started putting falsies on. What a difference it makes!

I know it can be intimidating but I think you should give it a shot especially if you are still working from home and have to hop on Zoom for conference calls. Why? because you might think they are too much but when you are on camera, the falsies are barely noticeable. So, you can easy into it. Ready to learn how to boss up the day with a pair of eyelashes?

2 Step Guide on How to Put on Eyelashes

Step 1 – Apply Eyelash Glue Eyeliner

Yes! I discover the most amazing cosmetic product that will enable you to use eyelashes everyday.  This  eyelash glue   comes in an eyeliner tube with a silicone tip applicator that will allow you to use it as a liquid eyeliner and eyelash glue at the same time. You can use it wet to use it as glue. Just apply it using a good amount in the applicator as close as you can to the top eyelash line. You have to be quick with it. The eyeliner dries into this pretty velvet black eyeliner. You can create whatever eyeliner style you want. Be creative! I love a winged eye. If you are allergic to latex, this eyeliner (as most eyelash glue) does contain latex. Check their website forfull ingredients list.

Note: This eyeliner is for personal use only. I would not use this on any clients unless they have their own because there is no way to sanitize it.

Step 2 – Apply the Strip Eyelashes

I use strip eyelashes so I can apply them quick and easy. I recommend using a high quality strip eyelash because they have a better band and the hairs on them are higher quality materials and more realistic. However, you can use  Ardell  as they are more affordable. My go-to Ardell eyelash is their 3D Faux Mink. For personal use, I reuse one pair of strip eyelashes for a week or so. For a lux eyelash, I recommend  Lilly Lashes  they are so natural looking and they have so many styles to choose from. I usually buy  Goddess . You can get 10% off your first order. They are running a sale on their Lite Collection 30% off which are beautiful

 Another great high end strip eyelash loved by a lot of makeup artists is  Tatti Lashes.  They are really good. They are known for having a quality product at affordable price. The company got started by two friends who worked in 10 years in the eyelash/beauty industry. My Tatti go-to lashes are TL7 or TL19.

The final touch is a little mascara on your own lashes combing them into the strip lash. Don’t over do this step, you don’t want to use clump up your falsies.

Before you start the eyelash application, two things to keep in mind :

  • Measure and trim the strip eyelash before you apply (I don’t trim them 90% of the time) To measure: Put the outer corner of the strip eyelash in the outer corner of your own eyelash and see where the inner corner ends. You want the inner corner to sit right above where your pupil starts.
  • (Optional) Curl up your lashes: Most makeup artists curl eyelashes. I don’t always do this. I rarely do it on myself. It does help when the eyelashes are curled so they can blend with the strip lashes. 

Shop Product List:

Tatti Lashes TL19
Tatti Lashes – TL19 Faux me

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