Hey friend

I am Rosangela your cosmetic geek!

I am passionate about makeup & using it as a tool of self expression.

I created this blog to help people navigate the complex world of cosmetics while celebrating our own unique beauty.

Get to know me

I believe in the power of makeup

I am on a mission to help people who struggle in recognizing their unique beauty, who often feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of cosmetic products in the market and the complexity that comes with choosing and applying the right product

I am Professional Makeup Artist, Licensed Aesthetician & I lead web analytics at a renown cancer research and hospital in Boston, MA. I have balanced multiple careers over the years. While it has been challenging, I love that has allowed me explore my creative and analytical side. I am a wife, a step-mom and fur-mom of two rescues Cyrus and Miley (yup, that’s their names 😂).

Why Cosmetic Geek

I combine my artistic brain through my passion for makeup and my geeky side through in depth analysis of data and information. So, when I research brands and their ingredients I like to understand them in depth. For example understanding the combination of AHAs and BHAs in chemical exfoliants and what kind is best for each type of skin. I also like to research and understand how ingredients can impact our skin and bodies.

I strive to bring you valuable content and make you more knowledgeable about cosmetic products and how to properly use them.

My Story

I found that transformative power within myself through makeup when I was in Miss Teen Venezuela. I had always been the shy kid in school and makeup gave me the confidence to step on that stage and on set for photoshoots. I even started my own business as a salon owner with five stylists. That’s when I started doing makeup – on men. I did drag-queen makeups before I did makeup on women. I practiced on my stylists faces as they got ready for their shows.

After deciding to come to the United States to continue my education, I started selling Motives Cosmetics through a catalog which exposed me to makeup artists and people who inspired me to pursue a makeup artistry career.

Since then I have been learning and growing, training with Mario Dedivanovic, Steven Moleski, and Tyler Green for SFX Makeup.

My Vision

Create a community and place to share and expand our knowledge of cosmetics: skincare, makeup, personal care & hair. A place where we create transparency and understand the impact of the products we use every day.