Women Sunglasses 2020 Trends for Under $15

Sunglasses Best sunglasses under 15

I have been following the styles for women sunglasses 2020 Trends. I am big fan of glasses and sunglasses. Sunglasses are a fun way to add to any outfit. It can take the most basic outfit into a fashion statement. I am known to have edgy, fashion forward eye-wear but I don’t like to spend a lot on them because I either loose them or scratch them. So, I have found some of the cutest, most fashionable sunglasses that I am dying to share with you!

Favorite Designer Styles for under $15

All the sunglasses I found have UVA/UVB protection. The styles remind me of expensive luxury brands like Chanel, Fendi, They are beautiful and unique. Here are some of the most amazing women sunglasses 2020 trends I have found under $15:

Oversized Square Chromatic Sunglasses:

I really love this pair because it has a pink tint to them. They have UVA/UVB Protection. These are not as dark so if you are in the beach or pool you probably want something with more protection but I love wearing them to go out or while I am driving. The price is $12.98. You can find them at Amazon

Heart Shape Sunglasses

I don’t look too happy on this picture but I swear I love the way these sunglasses look. It gives a cat-eye effect. This one is one of my favorites. They look almost exactly like Saint Laurent which cost over $200. The tint is a lot more intense so they are perfect for a really sunny day in the beach or at the pool. Because they are oversized, they give a good coverage. You can find the almost exact ones here in Amazon for just $10.99.

Oversized Round Style Sunglasses

This glasses give me a Chanel vibe. They look very chic and expensive. I love their tint because it is really warm the complexions. They are really comfortable to wear everywhere. I find myself wearing them in stores they just feel so good. You can buy them in Amazon for $12.95.

Round Super Chic Sunglasses

If you have been reading my blog, you probably have seen these ones. I used them in the post Effortless Chic Summer Look. These are fun and it gives the round shape sunglasses a more sophisticated look and feel. You can find this style on for $14.99.

Tell me which ones you will be trying this summer.

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