Glam Look at Mario’s MasterCourse™

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My experience with creating this Glam Look at Mario’s MasterCourse™ has been one that I will never forget. The MasterCourse™  is a one day hands-on instructed by Mario Dedivanovic. Mario is one of the biggest, most influential makeup artists today.

To attend the training, you had to apply for it and tell them why you wanted to attend and what it meant for your career. After they reviewed your application, they choose who gets to attend. I was fortunate to have been picked. I still cannot believe I attended the training.

The MasterCourse by Mario

The training was amazing. I was very nervous but Mario makes it really comfortable. He is very humble and makes you feel like we are all makeup artists working together. You get the day to create the look on your model and Mario is there to guide everyone individually. Before taking the final picture of your model, Mario has to give you his approval which means it meets his standards.

I wanted to create a look that felt high-end, slick, soft but yet bold. So, I decided to create a soft glam look with a twist of berry tones. 

I picked Katie as my model because I really wanted to push myself to do something a little dramatic but yet soft and beautifully blended. I love Katie’s face structured and eyes, so I focused on her cheekbones and popping her amazing eyes with golden tones.

Photo: Albert Marashi | Hair: Alexandra Diroma  | Model: Katie Walsh

Creating this Glam Look at Mario’s MasterCourse™ has be a dream come true. I will never forget his words and the experience of being guided by him. If you are serious about your career and want to take it to the next level, I recommend attending a MasterClass or the MasterCourse.

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