Skincare Routine When Wearing a Face Mask

Skincare Routine Products when wearing a face mask

Why you might need to revisit skincare routine when wearing a face mask. When you wear a face mask or face covering, your skin gets warmer, moisture gets trapped which can cause skin issues, specially when your skin is oily or acne prone.

Home-made reusable masks are great but they can irritate the skin when wearing for longer periods of time. They can also cause breakouts if you are wearing them multiple times without washing them. The mask can be collecting oils and debris from your skin and if you are not handling the mask appropriately in clean resealable bags you might just be exposing your skin to bacteria.

First, here is a couple things I do to take care of reusable mask to avoid breakouts:

  1. Use your mask only once and wash it with warm water and soup
  2. Place the clean mask in a clean zip-lock bag to transport it for when needed

Skincare when using a face mask or face covering:

Step 1 – Double cleansing

I cleanse my skin twice. This is something I learned in esthetic school and stuck with me. This method is based on Korean Skincare routines and it basically says you can clean the skin with an oil-based cleanser following after a water based cleanser. First, I use Sonia Roselli Cleansing Oil which breaks pulls and breaks down all the oils and debris on my skin without stripping our natural skin barrier. Second, I cleanse with a water based gentle cleanser. My face feels amazing when I do this and if you do wear makeup, don’t worry and skip makeup remover, the first cleanser (the oil based) will remove it all! Even waterproof mascara.

Step 2 – Toning

The most skipped step yet the most important. Toner helps balancing your pH. When your skin has an unbalanced pH, it can become excessive dried followed by an overproduction of oils. I absolutely love the Facial Spray by Mario Badescu. It has rose water and aloe which helps to soothe your skin. It is great for skin that feels irritated. I keep a bottle with me in my purse and use during the day. It won’t mess up your makeup.

Step 3 – Moisturizing

Use serums and moisturizers that have Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Great ingredient to help maintain your skin hydrated. HA is like a magnet, it attracts and holds water to hydrate your skin. There are two great products I love. Here is the pure HA serum and this one is a gel moisturizer which is really lightweight. You can use one or the other. I use both.

One thing I also do to prevent build up, breakouts and blackheads is deep exfoliations. Stay tune on my next post I will share my go-to exfoliants.

In addition to revisiting your skincare routine when wearing a face mask, is always cleaning your brushes after doing your makeup. Don’t forget to clean any of your brushes daily if you are putting on makeup. You can use a brush cleaner like this one from Beauty Blender or this one from Cinema Secrets.

If you have additional questions and want to know more about face mask skincare

Skincare Product List:

Japanese Cleansing Oil
Japanese Cleansing Oil by Sonia Roselli
Facial Treatment Cleanser by SKII
Facial Treatment Cleanser by SKII
Facial Spray with Alow, Hearbs and Rose Water by Mario Badescu Skincare to soothe skin while wearing a face mask
Facial Spray with Alow, Hearbs and Rose Water by Mario Badescu Skincare
Water Balm Skin Prep by Sonia Roselli
Water Balm Skin Prep by Sonia Roselli
Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum from Cosmedica
Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Cosmedica Skincar

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