3 Signs of Skin Dehydration You Might be Missing


3 Signs of Skin Dehydration You Might be Missing

Our whole routines have changed after COVID 19. Since we started working from home, we are suddenly more attached to our laptops and taking less breaks. Instead of walking to get to a conference room, we are just getting on that zoom call. I have been reaching for coffee more because I make a whole container of it since I make it at home. So, I have noticed big changes on my skin that had me researching the web.

I was noticing these pronounced under eye circles with deep lines and my smile lines getting worse. I know I am getting older and skin ages but this was a little sudden. Well, I started researching these “signs” and I was shocked a bit.

Is it a myth that drinking water hydrates your skin?

A 2007 study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science found that drinking 2.25 liters (9.5 cups) of water every day for four weeks altered skin density and thickness. A second study from the University of Missouri-Columbia showed that drinking 500 milliliters of water (about two cups) increased blood flow to the skin.

According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry, skin contains 65% water. There is no surprise that water can impacts skin health. However, while there is some research and studies to back the claim up, experts in the field might argue that there is not significant data to conclude that water consumption impacts skin hydration or overall appearance in people who are healthy. But, what happens when you are dehydrated?

3 Signs your skin is giving you that you might be missing

Dark & Sunken Eyes:

There are different reason why you might be seeing dark circles or sunken eyes. They could be hereditary, lack of sleep or oversleeping, and allergies. However, one thing I didn’t know is that it is a common cause to have dark circles under your eyes if you are dehydrated. According to a clinical editorial article in Healthline, because of the lack of water in the skin beneath eyes, the skin can begin to look dull and eyes can start to sink into the eye socket. When this happens it creates this prominent line between your bone and the under eye tissue, making the complexion look dark and tired.

Constant Dry/Chapped Lips:

Noticed constantly reaching for the lip balm even during summer months? According to Healthline, this could be a subtle sign of dehydration. There are other causes of chapped lips like dry weather, medications, and constantly licking your lips. Because the skin in the lips is so thin and it lacks the oil glands that other parts of your skin, it makes it more susceptible to being dried.

Lack of bounciness on the skin:

If you pinch your skin and it doesn’t bounce back, it also could be a sign of dehydration. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, skin turgor is the skin’s ability to return to normal. Skin turgor can be affected by moderate to severe loss of fluid in the body. Skin with poor skin turgor takes time to return into its normal shape. Try pinching the skin in your abdomen and see how fast the skin snaps back into its original shape.

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