Mermaid Hair

I am so excited to share with you all the details about my new hair! It looks like a piece of art! You will find details about the creative process, how long it took, what we used as inspiration and why we chose extensions.

Brighter & Bold Hair Colors

Mermaid Hair

It wasn’t easy. It took 10 hours, 16 tubes of Pulp Riot hair color, two 24 inch extension packets and a lot of talent to complete. My hairstylist Katie Walsh has been working on my hair for years. We tried a red/magenta color on my hair before and I loved it but she moved to New York City and I went back to black and have regretted it ever since. Now that she is back in the area with her brand new salon, we have worked to lighten my hair for over a year now because I originally wanted silver but to accomplish this tone the hair needs to be really light for it to look good. At the beginning of the year, I was in the salon just trying to lighten my hair a bit and in talking to Katie I had asked her: what would you do to my hair if you could do anything? She answered: purple! We went online tried to pull a few photos and we saw a picture of Katie Perry and we both loved the purple color she had on. Ok, Let’s do it!

A couple of months ago after the stay-at-home order was lifted during COVID-19, and salons were ok to perform their normal services, I went for a touch-up and we started talking about getting pink and magenta in my hair. Katie started talking about extensions because my hair was still too dark to get the richness and brightness of light colors like pink without bleaching which can cause damage to hair. We both started to get immediately excited about the option of having blonde extension that allowed Katie a clean canvas to paint with colors.

 Picture take after lightening and extension application

??‍♀️ Why Extensions? ??‍♀️

  • NO bleaching and damage of the hair
  • Easiest way to completely change your look
  • Gives you more options to play with colors
  • Allows you to have more volume and fullness
  • Instant gratification for changing up your look
  • You can add length to your hair, either a couple of inches or a completely different style
  • Because you have more body and length, you can play with all kinds of up-do’s, loose curls, beachy curls, braids, the sky is the limit

??‍♀️ What Kind of Extensions are they? ??‍♀️

They are real human hair. They are Bellami weft hair extensions. The extensions can be colored but not bleached. Katie applied them by sewing them with my hair. I recommend going to somebody who is certified or has completed professional training. Not every hair stylist can do this kind of services. If you are in Maine, Massachusetts or in New Hampshire, you have to go to KW Salon in Portsmouth, here is their instagram: They are one of the best in the area! Follow Katie at @katiewalshglam on instagram for more mermaid inspo!

??‍♀️ How Do you Pick the Right Hair Colors? ??‍♀️

I definitely relied on Katie to pick the colors that compliment the look she was creating. I knew I wanted pink, magenta and purple. She added a pop of orange. She asked me if she could and it was scary at first but I trusted her vision. I am glad she did! Once the orange mixed with natural hair tones it created this wine tone that tied it all together and it made it bolder. It is important to give the stylist room for their creativity. They know how to work their magic! We worked together used inspiration photos to draw pieces and we liked:

??‍♀️ How was the process? ??‍♀️

When I arrived at the salon Katie had the extensions ready to go all layered properly for application. She started by lighting my hair a bit more. She applied the extensions after washing and drying my hair. The extension application wasn’t as painful as I thought. You do feel a bit of pressure as she continues to apply the ones closer to the top. The most uncomfortable was getting them wet as they felt very heavy with the water. So, washing them was probably the worse part because she has to make sure she gets all the color out.

??‍♀️ How Long do They Last & What’s the Maintenance? ??‍♀️

They can last up to a year if you take care of them. You want to make sure you are seeing your stylist after 6 weeks so they can get moved up. As your own hair grows out, you have to make sure they get moved so it doesn’t damage your own hair.

What about you? Are you ready for mermaid hair?

Stay tuned for my new hair care routine and how to take care of the extensions so they can last you longer!

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